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Darbhanga Pincode / Post Office Search (SAMASTIPUR, Bihar)

A.Nimrauli B.O 847304DarbhangaBihar
Adalpur B.O 847115DarbhangaBihar
Afzala B.O 847203DarbhangaBihar
Agai B.O 847303DarbhangaBihar
Ahdwara B.O 847203DarbhangaBihar
Ahiyari B.O 847304DarbhangaBihar
Anandpur S.O 847101DarbhangaBihar
Araila B.O 847106DarbhangaBihar
Arga B.O 847105DarbhangaBihar
Ashraha B.O 847121DarbhangaBihar
Ashthua B.O 847104DarbhangaBihar
Atihar B.O 846007DarbhangaBihar
Aurahi B.O 847203DarbhangaBihar
B.Bira B.O 846005DarbhangaBihar
B.K.Asthan B.O 846005DarbhangaBihar
B.M.V.Pith B.O 846002DarbhangaBihar
B.Parsa B.O 847337DarbhangaBihar
Baghauni B.O 847105DarbhangaBihar
Bahadurpur B.O 846002DarbhangaBihar
Bahera S.O 847201DarbhangaBihar
Bakmandal B.O 847105DarbhangaBihar
Baligaon B.O 847101DarbhangaBihar
Balthari B.O 847203DarbhangaBihar
Banauli B.O 847428DarbhangaBihar
Bandhauli B.O 847303DarbhangaBihar
Banka B.O 847121DarbhangaBihar
Bardaha B.O 847304DarbhangaBihar
Barhaulia B.O 847106DarbhangaBihar
Barhi B.O 846005DarbhangaBihar
Bariaul B.O 846005DarbhangaBihar
Basatpur B.O 847301DarbhangaBihar
Basatwara B.O 847428DarbhangaBihar
Basauli B.O 847121DarbhangaBihar
Bauram B.O 847203DarbhangaBihar
Belhi B.O 847337DarbhangaBihar
Benipur S.O 847103DarbhangaBihar
Bhacchi B.O 847101DarbhangaBihar
Bhadhar B.O 847203DarbhangaBihar
Bhalpatti B.O 847239DarbhangaBihar
Bharathi S.O 847428DarbhangaBihar
Bharwara S.O 847104DarbhangaBihar
Bhataura B.O 847306DarbhangaBihar
Bhatraghat B.O 847122DarbhangaBihar
Bhawanipur B.O 847104DarbhangaBihar
Bherwa B.O 847304DarbhangaBihar
Bhuskaul B.O 846007DarbhangaBihar
Bijuli B.O 847115DarbhangaBihar
Bisfi S.O 847122DarbhangaBihar
Bishanpur B.O 847303DarbhangaBihar
Boraj B.O 847105DarbhangaBihar
Boraj B.O 847105DarbhangaBihar
Chakwa B.O 847301DarbhangaBihar
Chandauna B.O 847303DarbhangaBihar
Chatwan B.O 847337DarbhangaBihar
Chhacha B.O 847337DarbhangaBihar
D.Kasraur B.O 847203DarbhangaBihar
D.M.C. S.O 846003DarbhangaBihar
Dahaura B.O 847239DarbhangaBihar
Damala B.O 847304DarbhangaBihar
Darbhanga H.O 846004DarbhangaBihar
Darima B.O 847121DarbhangaBihar
Dekuli B.O 846002DarbhangaBihar
Dhanauli B.O 847101DarbhangaBihar
Dharia B.O 847304DarbhangaBihar
Dhoi B.O 846009DarbhangaBihar
Dihrampur B.O 846003DarbhangaBihar
Doghra B.O 847302DarbhangaBihar
Dulha B.O 847121DarbhangaBihar
G.Basailha B.O 846007DarbhangaBihar
Gangauli B.O 847407DarbhangaBihar
Garri B.O 847303DarbhangaBihar
Ghoshrama B.O 847301DarbhangaBihar
Gobarsitha B.O 847301DarbhangaBihar
Goriari B.O 846003DarbhangaBihar
Gujrauli B.O 847101DarbhangaBihar
Harhachcha B.O 847101DarbhangaBihar
Hariharpur B.O 847306DarbhangaBihar
Hathauri B.O 847301DarbhangaBihar
Hawasa B.O 847101DarbhangaBihar
Hiropatti B.O 847304DarbhangaBihar
Inai B.O 847105DarbhangaBihar
Izra B.O 847337DarbhangaBihar
Jagwan B.O 847304DarbhangaBihar
Jalley S.O 847302DarbhangaBihar
Jalwara B.O 847121DarbhangaBihar
Jogiara B.O 847101DarbhangaBihar
Jogiara S.O 847303DarbhangaBihar
Jorja B.O 847101DarbhangaBihar
K D S U S.O 846008DarbhangaBihar
K.Harari B.O 847301DarbhangaBihar
Kabirchak B.O 846009DarbhangaBihar
Kaligaon B.O 847104DarbhangaBihar
Kamrouli B.O 847428DarbhangaBihar
Kamtaul S.O 847304DarbhangaBihar
Kanaur B.O 847306DarbhangaBihar
Kanhai B.O 847203DarbhangaBihar
Kanhouli B.O 847239DarbhangaBihar
Kansi B.O 847428DarbhangaBihar
Kapchhahi B.O 846009DarbhangaBihar
Karhatia B.O 847306DarbhangaBihar
Karjapatti B.O 847306DarbhangaBihar
Kathalia B.O 847123DarbhangaBihar
Katka B.O 847307DarbhangaBihar
Katraul B.O 847302DarbhangaBihar
Kharajpur B.O 846003DarbhangaBihar
Kharua B.O 847115DarbhangaBihar
Khirma B.O 847121DarbhangaBihar
Koilam B.O 847301DarbhangaBihar
Kora B.O 847104DarbhangaBihar
Kothia B.O 847306DarbhangaBihar
Kothra B.O 847105DarbhangaBihar
Kothram B.O 847203DarbhangaBihar
Kumhrauli B.O 847304DarbhangaBihar
Kusothar S.O 847429DarbhangaBihar
Ladaho B.O 847203DarbhangaBihar
Ladour B.O 847107DarbhangaBihar
Lahwar B.O 847337DarbhangaBihar
Lakhanpur B.O 847307DarbhangaBihar
Lalsahpur B.O 846005DarbhangaBihar
Loam B.O 847115DarbhangaBihar
Lohna Road S.O 847407DarbhangaBihar
M.Sajhouti B.O 847301DarbhangaBihar
M.Sinuara B.O 846003DarbhangaBihar
Madanpur B.O 847101DarbhangaBihar
Madhopatti B.O 847306DarbhangaBihar
Madhupur B.O 847306DarbhangaBihar
Mahpara B.O 846009DarbhangaBihar
Manikauli B.O 847104DarbhangaBihar
Matunia B.O 847105DarbhangaBihar
Milkichak B.O 846009DarbhangaBihar
Mirzapur B.O 847101DarbhangaBihar
Moro B.O 847106DarbhangaBihar
Muraitha B.O 847304DarbhangaBihar
Muria S.O 847115DarbhangaBihar
Nadiami B.O 847203DarbhangaBihar
Nagardih B.O 847304DarbhangaBihar
Nainaghat B.O 847239DarbhangaBihar
Narsara B.O 846003DarbhangaBihar
Naruar B.O 847407DarbhangaBihar
Nayagaon B.O 847121DarbhangaBihar
Nikasi B.O 847306DarbhangaBihar
Nimathi B.O 847101DarbhangaBihar
Nishihara B.O 847203DarbhangaBihar
Noorchak B.O 847122DarbhangaBihar
Ojhaul B.O 846003DarbhangaBihar
P.Basant B.O 846003DarbhangaBihar
P.Buzurg B.O 847203DarbhangaBihar
Pacharhi B.O 847337DarbhangaBihar
Paghari B.O 847105DarbhangaBihar
Paghari B.O 847203DarbhangaBihar
Pali B.O 847304DarbhangaBihar
Panchobe B.O 846003DarbhangaBihar
Patania B.O 847203DarbhangaBihar
Patore B.O 847101DarbhangaBihar
Pindaruch S.O 847306DarbhangaBihar
Raghauli B.O 847304DarbhangaBihar
Rampura B.O 847123DarbhangaBihar
Rarhi B.O 847302DarbhangaBihar
Rasalpur B.O 847301DarbhangaBihar
Ratanpura B.O 846002DarbhangaBihar
Ratanpura B.O 847106DarbhangaBihar
Rathaus B.O 847304DarbhangaBihar
Ratwara B.O 847301DarbhangaBihar
Reorha B.O 847302DarbhangaBihar
S.Lalganj B.O 847121DarbhangaBihar
Sadhopur B.O 847301DarbhangaBihar
Sadiquepur B.O 847337DarbhangaBihar
Sahsram B.O 847203DarbhangaBihar
Sakhwar B.O 847424DarbhangaBihar
Sarwara B.O 847106DarbhangaBihar
Satghara B.O 847337DarbhangaBihar
Shivram B.O 847101DarbhangaBihar
Sidhauli B.O 847101DarbhangaBihar
Singhaso B.O 847121DarbhangaBihar
Sirnia B.O 846002DarbhangaBihar
Siso B.O 846005DarbhangaBihar
Sisodih. B.O 846005DarbhangaBihar
Sonhaun B.O 846005DarbhangaBihar
Sonki B.O 846009DarbhangaBihar
Sonpur B.O 847203DarbhangaBihar
Srirampur B.O 847101DarbhangaBihar
Taralahi B.O 846003DarbhangaBihar
Tarsarai B.O 847115DarbhangaBihar
Tehwara B.O 847123DarbhangaBihar
Telhan B.O 847115DarbhangaBihar
Thalwara B.O 846002DarbhangaBihar
Tharma B.O 847107DarbhangaBihar
Thathopur B.O 847105DarbhangaBihar
Uchatti B.O 847203DarbhangaBihar
Ughra B.O 847101DarbhangaBihar

What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.